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O'Neill Girls Still Looking For First Win Of Season

Dec 21, 2022 (0)

Eagle Elly Stearns drives to the bucket against Wayne in last week's action.

The O'Neill Eagle girls seem to be struggling to keep up in this year's basketball season. They have competed against five schools, but so far haven't been able to come out on top in any match.

The first of two games last week played by the Eagles was against the Pierce Bluejays. Quarter one wasn't too hot of a start for the Eagles, but it wasn't irrecoverable. They were only down nine points going into second quarter. This however was when the Bluejays really pulled ahead, allowing the Eagles to only score for two points. The Eagles were now 28 points down at the half point.

Quarter three was a tie of 12 points, and at this point the Bluejays were pretty much unbeatable. Quarter four was also taken by the Bluejays, leaving the Eagles in the dust.

Lauryn Dusatko leads the Eagles with eight points, shooting four of seven two-pointers for 57 percent, as well as six rebounds; Autumn Hilker and Olivia Young both seven points each; Ashley Sidak five points and three rebounds; Emma Smith four points and three rebounds; Bergyn Classen two points and three rebounds; and Presley Heiss and Serena Chavez both one rebound each.

OHS         6        2       12      13       33

PHS       17      19       12      20       68

The girls hosted the Wayne Blue Devils last Saturday and, unfortunately for the Eagles, weren't able to prove themselves against the Blue Devils.

In the first quarter, the Eagles managed only a six point disadvantage; not a great start, but nothing they couldn't bounce back from. By quarter two though, things weren't looking too great for the Eagles. They were really going to have to step up their game if they wanted to take the victory.

Quarter three pretty much ended the match, with the Blue Devils holding the Eagles to 32 points disadvantage. In the final, the Eagles put up a decent attempt, but they still weren't able to overcome the massive point gap the Blue Devils had created.

Leading the Eagles this match was Heiss with 10 points, shooting one of three three-pointers for 33 percent and two of five two-pointers for 40 percent, as well as three rebounds; Sidak seven points and one rebound; Smith five points and four rebounds; Young and Classen both four points and two rebounds each; Taylor Cuhel two points; Dusatko one point and one rebound; and Elly Stearns and Hilker both one rebound each.

OHS          8        8        6       11       33

WHS      14      18     22      16       70


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