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Let's Talk About Infrastructure

By U.S. Rep. Adrian SmithSep 25, 2019 Updated Feb 22, 2022 (0)

U.S. Rep. Adrian Smith

From the start of his term, President Donald Trump has voiced his support for investing in our nation's infrastructure. I think we should take him up on his offer. In April, he showed his commitment when he issued two executive orders aimed at removing regulatory burdens and streamlining the process for building new energy infrastructure projects. Because we have less population to support redundancies, dependable infrastructure is especially significant in rural America.

In the past year Nebraskans have been reminded of how important infrastructure is to our daily lives. Historic floods, an irrigation tunnel collapse, and record snowfall have tested Nebraskans, and have put renewed focus on how vital our infrastructure is.

However, Nebraskans do not break. What we do is look for solutions to problems. For this reason, I am hosting an infrastructure seminar on Oct. 3 at Central Community College in Hastings. At the infrastructure seminar, Third District residents will be able to hear from a wide variety of Nebraska officials and stakeholders on the current state of infrastructure, plans for the future and resources available to communities.

Guest speakers will provide updates and their expertise on a number of topics, including: “Workforce, Trade Skills Education, Economic Development,” “Rural Housing Development and Access Opportunities,” “Water and Energy Management and Infrastructure,” “Surface Transportation and Heavy Equipment,” and “Rural Broadband and Community Development.”

This wide variety of topics shows how vast the area of infrastructure is. Bridges, railroads, ports, irrigation, telecommunications, pipelines and many other facilities are all included in our nation's infrastructure. Each is unique and important in its own right, and it is critical to recognize the challenges each topic presents.

In addition to the guest speakers, I am interested in what Third District residents will have to say. Those who use Nebraska's infrastructure every day will have a unique insight on its current state, their experiences and ideas moving forward.

If you would like more information on this infrastructure seminar, please visit for further details. If you plan to attend you can also RSVP through this page, which will help ensure we can accommodate all attendees. A live stream of the seminar will be available on Facebook Live at for those unable to attend in person. I am excited for this event, and I hope to see you in Hastings on Oct. 3.


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