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Sep 13, 2023 (0)

Last week the O'Neill Volleyball girls had their hands full, dealing with six opponents in just four days. 

In their first game on Sept. 5 they hosted Valentine. This was a good opening match as the Eagles managed to take the win 2-0; 25-11 & 25-20. 

This was a very consistent game for the girls, winning both sets with 25 points, and managing to keep their competitor at bay. 

The Eagle with the most kills was Olivia Young with nine, as well as three digs; Aubrey Jackson had three kills, one block and 11 digs; Ashley Sidak three kills and four digs; Haley Schluns three kills and three digs; Bergyn Classen and Autumn Hilker three kills and one dig each; Hannah Hilker two kills and five digs; and Keeley Chavez three digs. 

The girls second match was the same day when they traveled to West Holt to take on the Huskies. They once again won in a clean 2-0; 25-22 & 25-19.

This turned out to be close match, with both teams putting up solid numbers. In the end, though, the Eagles managed a nine point advantage. The Huskies had been undefeated up to this point.

A. Hilker leads with nine kills and 11 digs; Aubrey Jackson seven kills, two blocks, and four digs; Autumn Jackson four kills, one block and four digs; Young four kills, one block and three digs; Schluns three kills, one block and five digs; Chavez one block and five digs; and H. Hilker 11 digs.

The Eagles got a short break after but it was back to work on Sept. 7 when they hosted Crofton. This was a fierce battle with a ton of back and forth. Ultimately, this match would result in the Eagles first loss of the week. The final score was 3-2; 25-20, 15-25, 25-22, 16-25 & 8-15.

Quarter one was a great start for the Eagles, but the second fell short. They had lost their advantage they had picked up from the start. At third quarter the Eagles picked the pace back up from the beginning and took the set.

Quarters four and five cemented the Crofton victory, with them pulling together an additional 16 points. 

Aubrey Jackson stole the show with 15 kills, one block and 33 digs; A. Hilker 14 kills, one block and 27 digs; Sidak 13 kills and 7 digs; Young eight kills, one block and five digs; Schluns three kills and 11 digs; H. Hilker 19 digs; and Chavez four digs.

In the girls next game on Sept. 9 they got back their spirit from their first games when they downed the Tekamah-Hermon Tigers 2-0; 25-16 & 25-20.

Aubrey Jackson eight kills and two digs; A. Hilker three kills and four digs; Sidak three kills and three digs; Young two kills and four digs; H. Hilker one kill and eight digs; Schluns one kill and four digs; and Classen and Chavez one dig each.

Unfortunately for the Eagles, their last game would be a short-lived victory, as it would be interrupted by Crofton when they had a re-match Sept. 9. They brought the Eagles down 2-0; 20-25 & 15-25.

Young had four kills, two blocks and nine digs; Aubrey Jackson four kills and three digs; Sidak three kills and three digs; A. Hilker two kills, two blocks and four digs; Schluns one kill and two digs; and H. Hilker two digs.

The week's final game ended in much the same way as the last one. The Eagles faced the Lakeview Vikings on Sept. 9 and fell 2-0; 12-25 & 18-25. 

Aubrey Jackson ended the week with four kills and 12 digs; A. Hilker four kills and two digs; Sidak two kills and one block; Young one kill, one block and two digs; Schluns one kill and six digs; Classen one kill and two digs; H. Hilker nine digs; Autumn Jackson and Chavez one dig each.


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