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Law Day Observance Held April 25th

LAW DAY - The St. Mary's fifth graders visited the law firm of Forrest Peetz and had a chance to talk to Frorrest Peetz about his job.

On April 28, the fifth grade students from O'Neill Public and St Mary's visited the Courthouse in observance of Law Day. The Honorable Alan Brodbeck and Midge Clark, Clerk Magistrate, hosted the event.

This year these students had the opportunity to meet attorneys from all local law firms. The St Mary's fifth grade consisting of nine students and their teacher Mary Novak visited the law firm of Forrest Peetz. The 47 students from the public school with their teachers, Kelly Young and Kathy Kloppenborg, visited with the following attorneys in the Holt County District Courtroom: Thomas Herzog, County Attorney; Rodney Smith, Holt County Public Defender Jim Gotschall, from the Strope and Gotschall Law Firm; and Steve Brewster; from the Krotter & Hoffman Law Firm.

The students had the opportunity to tour the jail and to learn about the duties of the jailers. They toured the 911 Dispatch and learned some of the duties of these individuals who are present in that office every hour of the day to be available to help.

Kami Hooey, the District Court Reporter, explained her training which allows her to record every word spoken in court hearings.

With the theme of Law Day 2011 being "Democracy and the Digital Age Of Media," Judge Alan Brodbeck demonstrated how technology is used in the courtroom. One of the things he showed the students was the use of Skype. This allows the interpreter and the defendant to see each other without the interpreter actually needing to drive to O'Neill.

The purpose of this job shadowing event was to show the students the rewards of staying in school, working hard and studying. This year marks the ninth year of statewide Law Day Job Shadowing. Since the statewide program began in 2002, more than 2,000 fifth graders have participated.

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