O'Neill Softball Team Undefeated


Eagles End Football Season To B.C.

Oct 28, 2021 Updated Feb 8, 2022 (0)

O'Neill's Fabian Acevedo runs the ball against Boone Central in last weeks game in O'Neill.

The O'Neill Eagles have concluded another season on the grid-iron with their 53-0 loss. Although their record doesn't show it the Eagles played tough against some of the most formidable opponents in their class. The Eagle's only win of the season came in a 37-7 win against Valentine. In the game against Boone Central, the Eagles ran 56 plays for five first downs and had three penalties for 20 yards. The Cardinals ran 44 plays for 14 first downs and had eight penalties for 65 yards. Fabian Acevedo led the Eagles in rushing with 15 carries for 38 yards and Clay Shaw with one carry for two yards. Sean Coventry led the Eagle receivers with three catches for 52 yards, Drew Morrow one catch for 10 yards, Walker Peter one catch for eight yards and Clay Shaw one catch for four yards. Leading the Eagle defense was Korbyn Grenier with seven tackles, Landon Classen, Acevedo and Pryor Mathews five tackles each, Brady Eichelberger and Levi Drueke three tackles each, Salvador Rodriguez and Morrow two tackles each, Ryder Pokorny, Dylan Parks, Shaw, Dominic Hamilton, Maddox Hammerlun, John Coats and Joey Engelbart one tackle each.


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