Eagle Girls Improving Their Play With Wins

Last week was promising for the O'Neill Eagles girl's team. ...


St. Mary's Boys Have Solid Week's Play

Last week the St. Mary's boys faced off against two opponent...


Eagle Boys On A Roll

Jan 18, 2023 (0)

Eagle Kyler Dean drives to the bucket in action against Creighton on Saturday, January 14 at O'Neill.

The O'Neill Eagle boys team has been kicking it into high gear recently. They are currently on a six-win streak with no signs of stopping. 

The boy's first game last week on Thursday was against the Ainsworth Bulldogs. The Eagles came onto the court and made an early statement. They took quarters one and two, leaving the Bulldogs in the dust by 25 points.

The Bulldogs would have to do some heavy lifting in order to win this one. However, the Eagles continued their rampage and took quarter three. The Bulldogs were finally able to claim a set, but this late in the game, it wasn't going to do much. The Eagles took the win in a landslide victory 75-46.

Leading this match was Landon Classen with 19 points, shooting two of six three-pointers for 33 percent and six of 11 two-pointers for 55 percent, as well as six rebounds; Drew Morrow 17 points and seven rebounds; Colton Osborne 14 points and seven rebounds; Turner Heiss nine points and six rebounds; Kyler Dean five points and one rebound; Grant Dusatko four points and one rebound; Trevor Alder three points; Tyler Diediker two points and three rebounds; Ryder Pokorny two points and two rebounds; and Evan and Easton Kopecky one rebound each. 

OHS       22      19      21      13      75

AHS         5      11      15      15      46

On Saturday, the Eagles hosted the Creighton Bulldogs. The Eagles took the advantage from the beginning, but nothing the Bulldogs couldn't recover from. Quarter two saw the Bulldogs slightly overpower the Eagles. Now only trailing by five points, the Bulldogs had a promising shot at victory.

Moving to the halfway point, the Eagles were still in the lead, and they weren't looking to let the Bulldogs close the gap. The Eagles claimed the third and final quarters. The Bulldogs played admirably, but the Eagle's offense was just enough to get the best of their opponent.

Pokorny took this match with 19 points, shooting five of seven three-pointers for 71 percent and one of two two-pointers for 50 percent, as well as three rebounds; Classen 15 points and 11 rebounds; Morrow 13 points and two rebounds; Osborne five points and seven rebounds; Dean four points and six rebounds; Heiss four points and three rebounds; and Diediker four points and one rebound.

OHS       24      9      15       16       64  

CHS       18     10       9       12       49


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