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Eagle Girls Improving Their Play With Wins

Jan 18, 2023 (0)

Eagle Ashley Sidak surrounded by Bulldog defenders in action against Creighton on Saturday, January 14 at O'Neill.

Last week was promising for the O'Neill Eagles girl's team. They're clearly putting in the effort to practice harder and get better. 

The girl's first game had them travel to Ainsworth on Thursday. Quarter one was a great start for the Eagles, holding the Bulldogs down by six points. The next was similar, and now the Eagles were ahead by eight points.

Quarter three was when the Eagles really dropped the ball. The Bulldogs rammed through their defense and overtook the Eagles by two points overall. The final quarter only added insult to injury, with the Bulldogs pushing ahead by four more points. This was a close game, and with fewer errors, could've easily been an Eagle victory.

Emma Smith leads the Eagles with 11 points, shooting four of nine two-pointers for 44 percent, as well as six rebounds; Olivia Young 11 points and two rebounds; Presley Heiss nine points four rebounds; Lauryn Dusatko eight points and five rebounds; Ashley Sidak five points and four rebounds; Bergyn Classen four points and seven rebounds; Autumn Hilker three points; and Taylor Cuhel one rebound.

OHS         19      13       8      11     51

AHS         13      11     18      15     57

On Saturday the girls hosted the Creighton Bulldogs for their third win of the season. 

At the start, both teams were tied, ending the quarter with 10 points each. In quarter two the Eagles played harder and better and managed to take the set by 16-6. 

The Eagles kept up this pace consistently throughout the rest of the match. Both quarters three and four were claimed by the Eagles. They won three quarters and tied in one. This was a clean win for the Eagle girls, and this was a solid week for the team overall.

Heiss leads this game with 17 points, shooting three of seven three-pointers and four of five two-pointers, as well as five rebounds; Dusatko 13 points and eight rebounds; Young eight points and two rebounds; Sidak seven points; Hilker four points and three rebounds; Classen three points and three rebounds; Smith five rebounds; and Elly Stearns one rebound.

OHS         10       16      11      15     52

CHS         10       6        6        5      27

The team's final game was played against the Neligh-Oakdale Warriors this Monday. 

Right out the gate, the Eagles were making short work of the Warriors. By the time second quarter was over, the Eagles were putting up 36 while holding their opponent to only 13 points. 

The third quarter kept up much of the same energy, and now the Eagles were pretty much untouchable. The Warriors did manage to sneak in and take the final quarter, but it was too late; the Eagles had already taken their victory.

Smith took charge with 21 points, shooting three of seven three-pointers for 43 percent and five of nine two-pointer for 56 percent, as well as three rebounds; Young 12 points and four rebounds; Sidak 10 points and one rebound; Classen six points and four rebounds; Dusatko five points and five rebounds; Heiss three points and two rebounds; Stearns and Cuhel both two points and two rebounds each; and Riley Selby and Brena Gdanitz one rebound each.

OHS         19        17       14      11      61

NOHS       4         9       4      12     29


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