SMH Cardinals End 2023-2024 Ball Season

This week marks the end of the 2023-2024 basketball season f...


Eagle Boys Go Double Overtime Against Wayne

Dec 21, 2022 (0)

Cardinal Gage Hedstrom drives to the bucket in Tuesday night's game at St. Mary's.

The O'Neill Eagle boys started off this basketball season well, but have slowly started to drop the ball.

Last Tuesday the boys traveled to Pierce to compete against the Bluejays boys. At the beginning the Eagles took the lead, pulling ahead by two points. Quarter two was only a minor loss for the Eagles, but they were only down one point by the end. Going into the third, it was anyone's guess who would win this one. 

Nobody could have predicted how Quarter three would end, though. The Bluejays went on the offensive, raking in 27 points in just one quarter, more than doubling the points they had up to that point. The Eagles tried to catch up in the fourth, but it was too late, the Bluejays had already left them in the dust.

Drew Morrow led his team with 15 points, shooting one of seven three-pointers for 15 percent and two of 12 two-pointers for 17 percent, as well as two rebounds; Ryder Pokorny nine points and two rebounds; Colton Osborne six points and seven rebounds; Turner Heiss four points and seven rebounds; Tyler Diediker two points and three rebounds; and Kyler Dean two rebounds.

OHS           13       4       12      7     36

PHS            11       7      27      6     51

The Eagles hosted the Wayne Blue Devils on Saturday, and this match was one for the books.

Quarter one was claimed by Wayne, but only by four points; the Eagles were nowhere near losing. The Eagles managed to steal second quarter by just a few points, but they were still trailing the Blue Devils by just two points.

Quarter three was when things really started to get interesting. The Eagles upped their game, allowing them to take the third and leave the Blue Devils behind by four points. The Blue Devils knew they had to play well in the final quarter to win, so they did just that. By the time the buzzer on the scoreboard rang, the Blue Devils managed a four point advantage over the Eagles, bringing the match to a tie.

The Eagles and Blue Devils settled the tied score in overtime- in which they tied again, 5-5. This forced them into overtime again. Finally, the Blue Devils managed to pull ahead, and claimed the sixth and final quarter by just five points, 8-3.

Morrow leads for the second time last week with 21 points, shooting two of seven three-pointers for 29 percent and three of six in two-pointers for 50 percent, as well as five rebounds; Landon Classen 19 points and five rebounds; Pokorny nine kills and one rebound; Osborne three points and four rebounds; and Dean two rebounds.

OHS       12     11    14     7    5    8    57

WHS     16      9      8   11   5   3    52


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