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Eagle Boys End Season In Sub-District Loss To Pierce

Mar 1, 2023 (0)

The O'Neill Eagle boys played some nail-biting games last week when they faced Boone Central and Pierce.

The first of the Eagles' games was on Tuesday when they hosted the Boone Central Cardinals. 

The Cardinals kicked things off with a thunderous start, taking a massive lead of seven points first quarter. The next quarter saw the Eagles tip the scales in their favor, winning 13-9.

By quarter three, the Eagles had the game under their control, holding back the Cardinals by 10 points. Quarter four was much of the same story, with the Cardinals falling further back by six points. 

Landon Classen brought 21 points, shooting one of two three-pointers for 50 percent and three of four two-pointers for 75 percent, as well as four rebounds; Drew Morrow just behind with 16 points and four rebounds' Ryder Pokorny 11 points and one rebound; Colton Osborne five points and five rebounds, Kyler Dean two points and two rebounds; and Turner Heiss one rebound.

OHS         6       13     16     20      55

BCHS     13        9       6     14       42

Two days later the Eagles traveled to Pierce to face off against the Bluejays.

This was a pretty close match, but only one team can come out on top. Unfortunately for the Eagles, they wouldn't be the ones to win with an opener like this one. They only managed four points while the Bluejays took off with 14. The Eagles really put on the pressure after the first quarter, and in the second quarter they were able to lessen the gap between them and their opponent.

Quarter three was also a good boost for the Eagles, taking the set 9-7. The Eagles had done a good job up to this point in turning the game around, but they just couldn't see it to the end. The Bluejays brought back that fire they had at the beginning, and they were able to steal the win right from under the Eagles' feet.

Classen returns as king with 21 points, shooting four of 11 three-pointers for 36 percent and five of 11 two-pointers for 45 percent. As well as seven rebounds; Morrow takes second again with nine points and 

 Four rebounds; Osborne six points and seven rebounds; Heiss two points and one rebound; Dean seven rebounds; and Pokorny three rebounds.

OHS       4       13        9       14       40

PHS      14        8        7       17       45


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