Winter Sports Limited On Fan's Attendance

The Corona virus will inconvenience us into the winter sport...

Avera Medical Group Clinic To Open Monday

NEW CLINIC will open on Monday morning June, 27. Both Avera Clinics will be under the same roof at the new expansion at Avera St. Anthony's Hospital.
GETTING READY FOR MONDAY - Staff check out the reception desk at the new Avera Medical Group, O'Neill.

The expansion at Avera St. Anthony's will take another step forward with the opening of Avera Medical Group O'Neill. Avera O'Neill Family Medicine and Avera Holt County Medical Clinic will be closing their doors at 4:00 p.m. on Friday and will open as Avera Medical Group O'Neill on Monday, June 27 in the new expansion at O'Neill Avera St. Anthony's Hospital.

Staff from both clinics will now be under the same roof. The hours will remain the same and the satelitte clinics will also remain the same.

Avera Medical Group is staffed by Dr. Preston Renshaw, Dr. Jay Allison, Dr. Mark Ptacek, Dr. Barbara Gutshall and Dr. Matthew Winkelbauer. Much of the same staff from both clinics will be there to help patients with their health care needs.

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