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CASA Honors Volunteer

Apr 10, 2024 (0)

CASA of North Central Nebraska is very pleased to announce our first annual Jackie Collier CASA Volunteer Day! 

Jackie Collier (1960-2023) supported Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of NorthCentral Nebraska in her role as a trained and sworn-in Friend of the Court for Holt County, Nebraska and was so incredibly proud to become a certified CASA volunteer and to be assigned to juvenile court cases beginning in the Spring of 2023! Through her prior work experience with the O'Neill Police Department, Jackie was very acquainted with the struggles that local youth faced, as well as the seemingly insurmountable challenges that they overcame. She was passionate about and committed to her work as a CASA volunteer. 

Jackie felt that abused and neglected infants, children, and youth in the court and foster care systems badly needed “someone” to be in closer contact with them on an ongoing basis, to look out for them and their emergent needs, support them, and to care for their entire being. As a CASA volunteer, Jackie worked tirelessly after her training to ensure that she had all the tools she needed to understand and “connect” well with the children to whom she was court-order assigned. She made their voice and their comfort her priority. 

When reflecting back on various interactions over time with Jackie, Sarah Sidek, Kris Harvey, and Tristan Keyes of the O'Neill City Offices all concurred in stating the following: “We remember her saying the reason for [her] joining CASA was to give youth a voice and support system.” From the very beginning of her association with CASA of NorthCentral Nebraska, Jackie knew that she was an important part of a much larger network of CASA volunteers in Nebraska and nationally, who were all working together to make a difference in the lives of abused and neglected infants, children, and youth. She was proud to be part of such an amazing and inspiring group of individuals.

In honor of Jackie Collier this year, as well as in the years to come, we ask that you ask yourself if becoming a CASA volunteer would be a good fit for you. At present, our organization is small, but we are continuing to grow over time, as juvenile abuse and neglect cases continue to rise. For more information, please contact: John Robert Smith, Executive Director, CASA of NorthCentral Nebraska at: (402) 340-3185. 

On April 12th, we encourage you all to volunteer in our community - in any way you can - in remembrance of Jackie Collier and her humanitarian spirit!


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