Eagle Girls Have Mixed Weeks Play

The O'Neill Eagle girls had some mixed games last week when ...


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Eagle Boys Win 2-0 In Last Week's Games

Jan 11, 2023 (0)

Eagle Landon Classen drives to the bucket against Winnebago. The Eagles won 67-58.
Eagle Drew Morrow breaks through a tough Winnebago defense during last week's play.

The O'Neill Eagle boys had their hands full last week facing off against Winnebago and Boone Central on Thursday and Friday.

The boys first match up was against the Winnebago Indians, and this a pretty even matched game. The Eagles started off strong, taking an early and dominate lead of eight points. Quarter two was when the boys started to lose their footing. They allowed the Indians to over-power them by 15 points.

By quarter three, it was anybody's guess who would walk away the winner. The Indians were holding the lead, but that wouldn't stop the Eagles. They took control and were able to bounce back, taking quarter three by 11 points. In the final, the Eagles took their third set, allowing them to take back first place and win 67-58.

Landon Classen leads the team with a staggering 24 points, shooting three of five three-pointers for 60 percent and six of nine two-pointers for 67 percent, as well as nine rebounds; Drew Morrow 15 points and nine rebounds; Ryder Pokorny 10 points and one rebound; Tyler Diediker seven points; Colton Osborne six points and four rebounds; Kyler Dean three points and seven rebounds.

OHS        18        9       26      14      67

WHS       10      24      15        9      58

The Eagles next match brought them to Boone Central to face the Cardinals. The Cardinals started off with a booming start, holding the Eagles down by seven points. This inspired the Eagles to go on the offensive, and were able to take quarter two by four points, almost leveling the playing field.

Quarter three was a tie of 15, so the Eagles only had the final quarter to turn the game around. The Eagles put up the pressure and managed to steal the game right from the Cardinals feet. It was a close one, however, ending in 63-56.

Classen takes the lead again with a jaw-dropping 36 points, shooting five of seven three-pointers for 71 percent and seven of 12 two-pointers for 58 percent, as well as 13 rebounds; Morrow 13 points and one rebound; Dean eight points and five rebounds; Diediker three points and five rebounds; Turner Heiss two points and two rebounds; Osborne one point and seven rebounds; Pokorny one rebound.

OHS     14      17      15      17       63

BCH     21      13      15        7       56


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