SMH Boys Fall At 2nd Round Of NVC Tourney

The St. Mary's boys were busy last week competing in the NVC...


Stuart Boys Win 2-0 Last Week

The Stuart boys had only two games last week, each three day...


St. Mary's Girls Place First At NVC For First Time In 7 Years

Feb 8, 2023 (0)

Cardinal Hope Williamson looks for help as Emilee Walnofer boxes her in. The Cards won the game 50-42 in NVC action.
Cardinal Mya Hedstrom goes in for a lay-up against a Cougar defender at the NVC final on Saturday, Feb. 4
Cardinal Hope Williamson looks for an opening as Cougars surround her during the NVC tournament
Cardinal Lorissa Reiman keeps her eyes on the goal despite three Cougars surrounding her

The St. Mary's lady Cardinals had their hands full last week, competing in the NVC Tournament for three days straight. This didn't hinder their performance however, seeing as they were able to climb their way to the very top and claim first place at the tourney!

The first match the girls played saw them face the West Holt Huskies on Thursday, February 2. This was a pretty close match, but the Cardinals had the slight edge and were able to beat out the Huskies 50-42.

No individual quarter scores were recorded for this match.

Alissa Brabec leads the Cards with 27 points, shooting six of seven three-pointers for 85 percent and one of four two-pointers for 25 percent, as well as two rebounds; Lorissa Reiman 14 points and six rebounds; Mya Hedstrom three points and seven rebounds; Annabelle Barlow and Gracie Williamson both three points and one rebound each; and Hope Williamson five rebounds.

The Cardinal's next match came the next day when they competed against the Elkhorn Valley Falcons in the Semifinals. This was a fairly one-sided match, with the Cards winning by 20 points. 

This was evident from the beginning, as the Cards took an early lead of eight points. The Cards continued to pressure with their 11-4 second quarter.

By the half point, the Falcons were beginning to catch up, but it was too little, too late. Third quarter still went to the Cards, and fourth quarter was a tie, leading to the Cards easily taking the victory.

Brabec steals the show again with 29 points, shooting seven of 12 three-pointers for 58 percent and two of six two-pointers for 33 percent, as well as one rebound; Reiman with 12 points and nine rebounds; H. Williamson eight points and seven rebounds; Hedstrom six points and four rebounds; G. Williamson two points and four rebounds; Barlow two points and three rebounds; and Lily Bauer one rebound.

SMH        24      11      14     10      59

EVHS      16       4        9     10      39

For the girls final match, they were to face off with the Niobrara/Verdigre Cougars on Saturday. It's no surprise both of these teams made it to finals. Before the match, the lady Cougars were 16-3 in terms of wins to losses, and the Cards were 16-2.

This was unsurprisingly a very close match, with the Cardinals just barely beating out the Cougars by only eight points. The game's final score was recorded as 49-41.

No individual quarter scores were recorded for this match.

Brabec leads the Cards in the Tournament's final match with 21 points, shooting three of 11 three-pointers for 27 percent and two of four two-pointers for 50 percent, as well as six rebounds; H. Williamson had eight points and five rebounds; Reiman seven points and 15 rebounds; Hedstrom seven points and five rebounds; G. Williamson six points and eight rebounds.

The NCV Finals match marks the lady Cardinals 13th win in a row, with no sign of them slowing down.


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