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Spartans Fall To Cardinals In 54-22 Battle At Home

Sep 21, 2022 (0)

Cardinal Dalton Alder tries to shake Spartan Derris Hansen on a kick return in last Friday's game.

The St. Mary's Cards have advanced their winning record to 3-1 with their 54-22 win over the Boyd County Spartans Friday, Sept. 16 in Spencer.

The Spartans got on the board early when the Spartans drove down to the goal line, Hudson Hoffman ran in a three-yard touchdown, and Derris Hansen in the two-point conversion to lead the Cardinals 8-0.

At the end of the first quarter, the Cards led 16-8. The Cards reacted quickly and drove the ball down into the Spartan danger zone, and Issac Everitt ran in the first touchdown for the Cards, with Gage Hedstrom running in the two-point conversion. Hedstrom returned to the end zone on a five-yard touchdown run with a conversion pass to Risken Dawson.

The Cards hit it hard in the second quarter scoring twice in the second quarter. Dalton Alder took in a 32-yard touchdown and Hedstrom ran in the conversion; the next score came on a 15-yard touchdown from Hedstrom to Everitt, with Everitt catching the conversion. Bret Koenig ran in the second touchdown for the Spartans on a 34-yard run, with Hoffman getting the two-point conversion.

The only score in the third was a 10-yard touchdown by Everitt.

The Cardinals drove down to the end zone in the fourth quarter, Hedstrom took the score for the Cardinals and Alder ran in the conversion. The Spartan's last score came on a 49-yard run by Hoffman to give the Spartans six. The final score for the Cards was a 13-yard touchdown run by Alder, with Hedstrom hitting for two.

The Cardinals ran 55 plays for 21 first downs and had four penalties for 30 yards; The Spartans ran 49 plays for 12 first downs and had five penalties for 35 yards.

Hedstrom threw nine times for four completions for 47 yards and had 25 carries for 222 yards and two touchdowns; Everitt had three carries for 14 yards and two touchdowns, and Alder had 18 carries for 117 yards and two touchdowns.

Everitt had two catches for 37 yards and one touchdown and Carson Dannenbring had two catches for 10 yards.

Hedstrom led the Cardinal defense with 21 tackles, Jace Rosenkrans 15 tackles, Wyatt Scofield 14 tackles, Everitt nine tackles, Jack Gydesen seven tackles, Alder six tackles, Dawson and Matt Koehlmoos four tackles each, Kyle Pribil two tackles and Ruger Kraft one tackle.


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