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O'Neill Boys Place 4th At Mid-State

Feb 8, 2023 (0)

The Eagle boys had a huge streak of wins recently, but that has unfortunately come to an abrupt end. The Eagles fought hard in the Mid-State Conference Tournament, but they fell just short of making it to the top.

Their first matchup was the Boone Central Cardinals on Wednesday February 1, and what a way to kick things off. The first quarter was a strong start for the Eagles, with them taking an early eight point lead. Quarter two ended in a tie, granting neither team any advantage of the other. 

The Cardinals were in a tough position, but the match was far from over. The Cardinals came out and turned the game over on its head, taking the third quarter by seven points. As luck would have it, the final quarter ended with a score of 18-17 in the Bobcats favor, just enough to tie them with the Eagles. 

This forced the game into overtime, with the winner taking all. This was an incredibly close match, but the Eagles were just barely able to squeeze in one extra point over the competition, winning overtime, 9-8.

Drew Morrow takes the #1 spot with 27 points, shooting two of six three-pointers for 33 percent and nine of 16 two-pointers for 56 percent, as well as seven rebounds; Landon Classen had 17 points and five rebounds; Ryder Pokorny 15 points and two rebounds; Kyler Dean eight points and two rebounds; Colton Osborne seven points and seven rebounds; Turner Heiss two rebounds; and Tyler Diediker one rebound.

OHS       19      16      13     17      9     74

BCHS   11     16     20    18     8    73

The Eagles moved on to the Mid-State Semis on Friday, February 3. Unfortunately for the Eagles, they weren't prepared for what was to come next when they faced the Cedar Catholic Trojans. 

Right out the gate the Eagles were overpowered by the dominate Trojans, falling 6-17. Moving on, the Eagles didn't fair much better in the second round. They were only able to put up eight while the Trojans scored 15. 

By third quarter, the Eagles had almost no chance of pulling out a win, but with good offense and defense, it could happen. Unfortunately for the Eagles, this wouldn't be a reality. Third and fourth quarter were much of the same as the first two, leaving the Eagles with a crushing defeat.

Heiss leads with six points, shooting three of four two-pointers for 75 percent, as well as one rebound; Morrow five points and one rebound; Dean four points and six rebounds; Pokorny four points and three rebounds; Classen and Osborne both two points and two rebounds each; Westen Kohl two points; and Trevor Alder and Grant Dusatko both one rebound each.

OHS         6        8       7        3        24

CCHS     17      15     14     15       61

The Eagles final match of the Tournament came on Saturday, February 4 against the Wayne Blue Devils. This match was a lot a better for the Eagles, but they still weren't quite prepared for the game.

The Eagles actually kicked off the match with a booming start, with  them taking a one-point advantage. However, the Blue Devils evened the playing field in the next quarter, scoring 13-12.

Now tied, both teams were going to have to try their hardest to take the lead over the other. Quarter three didn't quite go the way the Eagles would've wanted, falling 8-18. Now at a major disadvantage, the Eagles would have to pull out a miracle to turn the game around. Unfortunately for them, this never happened. The Blue Devils only further cemented their victory over the Eagles with a 20-8 final quarter to take the match. 

Morrow was the star player of this match with 16 points, shooting four of eight three-pointers for 50 percent and  two of six two-pointers for 33 percent, as well as five rebounds; Classen had 14 points and five rebounds; Osborne four points and three rebounds; Pokorny three points and two rebounds; Dean and Diediker both three points each; and Heiss two points and one rebound.

OHS       17       12       8       8        45

WHS      16       13      18      20      67


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