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THE O'NEILL GOLDEN AGE CENTER located on South 4th Street in O'Neill was awarded money to help with upgrading the facility.


Golden Age Center Awarded $16,532.00 In Community Development Assistance Funds

Jun 15, 2011 Updated Jan 23, 2022

The Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) has awarded $16,532 in Community Development Assistance Act (CDAA) tax credits to Golden Age Center in O'Neill, a nonprofit organization, to undertake a number of necessary renovations.

Opened in 1982, the Center has continuously served O'Neill's senior population for nearly 30 years, providing healthy, nutritional and affordable meals to senior and handicapped individuals, in addition to sponsoring health clinics and caregiver support services. Seniors also gather at the center for social activities. Currently the Center serves an average 60 meals at the Center and delivers 45 meals daily to seniors and handicapped individuals in O'Neill and neighboring communities.

Daily wear and tear combined with minimal upgrades at this point has left the Center in need of several major upgrades to ensure the health and safety of daily visitors. Renovations will include replacing three heating and air conditioning units, updating and installing energy efficient lighting throughout the building, replacing carpeting and tiling, updating kitchen appliances (range, oven and refrigerators), upgrading restroom facilities, paving the south parking lot, adding a new entry to the building's south side, repairing the front sidewalk, and upgrading all entries with handicapped accessible doors.

The Community Development Assistance Act was created in 1985 by the Nebraska Legislature to encourage financial support by businesses to community betterment organizations in their efforts to implement community service and development projects in chronic economically distressed areas.

Non-profit community betterment organizations may apply to the Department to become qualified to award tax credits to eligible contributors. On DED's approval of a project, the community betterment organization can award a state tax credit to a business, corporation, insurance firm, or financial institution, or individual contributing to the project of up to 40 percent of the value of a contribution.

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