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Chambers Community Service Award Presented To Darrel and Sharon Dexter

Jul 20, 2011 Updated Jan 23, 2022

chambers community service award winners were Darrel and Sharon Dexter.

This year's  Chambers community service award was presented to Sharon and Darrel Dexter at the annual Chambers 4th of July Celebration. Sharon and Darrel have spent many hours helping others in our community, always willing to volunteer when needed and a big supporter of events in Chambers.

Their church is an important part of their life, and they actively volunteer and support events there. They have been active in helping their children and many other kids in 4-H. 

This years recipients are lovers of children.  Grandparenting is important to them.  They follow their grandchildren's sports as well as the local school activities.

While growing up, Darrel spent a lot of time at his Grandparent's ranch in the summer.  They both grew up in the O'Neill and Atkinson area.  Darrel served in the Navy and now is active in the Chambers American Legion and Sharon is in the Auxiliary.  They moved to this community after getting married in 1968.  They milked cows, and after moving into Chambers, they had a grooming and trimming business while Sharon worked at the Coop. Together they now run a business that sells feed and supplies.  They are parents of five boys and many grandchildren. 

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