O'Neill Boys Recovering From Tourney Losses

The OHS boys tasted defeat during the Feb. 1st Tournament so...


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Cardinals Land 3-0 For Last Week's Games

Feb 15, 2023 (0)

Cardinal Isaac Everitt goes up for a shot against Ian Larson of West Holt in last week's match-up.

Just because the St. Mary's Cardinals competed in the NVC Tournament, doesn't mean they weren't allowed to slack off when it came to their games.

The Cardinal boys first match after the Tournament came on Tuesday, Feb. 7 when they faced the Boyd County Spartans. The beginning of the match was pretty even, with the Cardinals pulling ahead by a couple points. Second quarter saw the Cards  increase the pressure with another four point advancement.

By the end of quarter three, the winner was already made clear. The Cards were up 14 points compared their opponent. The final quarter was all the Cards needed to wrap the game together, with them winning all four quarters.

Gage Hedstrom leads the Cardinals with his 23 points, shooting one of six three-pointers for 17 percent and eight of 13 two-pointers for 62 percent, as well as five rebounds; Isaac Everitt with nine points and 11 rebounds; Carson Dannenbring eight points and one rebound; Risken Dawson two points and seven rebounds; Sam Barlow two points and five rebounds; and Wyatt Scofield one rebound. 

SMH        12      11     13       8       44

BCHS      10        7       5        6       28

Just a couple days later the boys hosted the West Holt Huskies and took them down 40-37.

Really, this was a very even match, with some back and forth plays from either team. From the start, the Cards took an early lead. Quarters one and two were both overtaken by the Cards by two points each. 

Quarter three the Huskies knew they needed to flip the game around. The Huskies did manage to outplay the Cards, forcing them into second place with only one quarter to go. Little did the Huskies know that the final quarter, the Cards would take the game back. Yes, the Huskies finally broke through but the Cards were just too strong and managed to take the game back in the end.

Leading this match was Hedstrom again with 25 points, shooting two of eight three pointers for 25 percent and nine of 19 two-pointers for 47 percent, as well as eight rebounds; Everitt with eight points and seven rebounds; Barlow five points and four rebounds; Jon Wiese two points; Dannenbring and Dawson both three rebounds each; and Kyle Pribil one rebound.

SMH        7       9       11      13      40

WHHS      5        7        16        9        37

The next day on Friday the St. Mary's boys competed against the West Holt Huskies, however, no quarter or final scores were recorded for this match. 

The lady Cardinals also saw some action last week when they too competed against Boyd County on Tuesday. This was a pretty one-sided match, with the Cards winning by 20 points. This match also had no individual quarter scores documented, but the final score was recorded to be 49-29 in the Cards favor. 

Mya Hedstrom leads the match with 10 points, shooting three of eight two-pointers for 38 percent, as well as six rebounds; Gracie Williamson with nine points and six rebounds; Hopew Williamson nine points and four rebounds; Alissa Brabec seven points and two rebounds; Lorissa Reiman six points and eight rebounds; Annabelle Barlow six points and one rebound; Emerson Mlnarik two points; and Samantha Asche and Ryanne Pistulka both on rebound each. 

Just like the boys, the girls' last game against the West Holt Huskies was never recorded.


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