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Public Notices (05-09-2024)

May 8, 2024 (0)

Notice in the county court of holt county, Nebraska

In The Matter Of The

Guardianship Of

Oakley R. Hawk,

a Minor Child Under

Eighteen Years of Age.

Case No. PR 24-14


Notice is given that a Petition for the appointment of a guardian for Oakley R. Hawk, a Minor Child Under Eighteen Years of Age, was filed in this Court by Donya Mikkelsen.

The hearing on the Petition for Appointment of Guardian is scheduled for May 28, 2024 at 9:00 a.m. in the County Court of Holt County, Nebraska, located in O'Neill, Nebraska.

Dated: April 18, 2024



BY:-s- Ashley D. Boettcher, #23550

Attorney for Petitioner

Published April 25, 2024          17-19



Sealed proposals for the construction of one bridge superstructure replacement. The bridge superstructure replacement is a two-span superstructure replacement 20'-4” wide by 51'

-10 ½” long on 499 Avenue over the Cache Creek – Bridge No. C004507505 – Project C45 (566). The sealed proposals shall include removal of the twin span superstructure at 857 Road and construction of the new superstructure including materials, labor, equipment, tools, along with appurtenances and accessories for Holt County, Nebraska. The proposals will be received by the Holt County Clerk,

Cathy Pavel, in her office at the Holt County Courthouse, until 11:15 am local time, on Thursday, May 16, 2024, and thereafter will be opened and publicly read on Thursday, May 16, 2024 at 11:15 am, at the Holt County Supervisor's meeting room, Holt County Courthouse, 204 North 4th Street, O'Neill, NE 68763. Holt County Clerks' mailing/shipping address is: 204 North 4th Street (P.O. Box 329) O'Neill, NE 68763.

Proposal will be taken for the construction work listed above by unit process, as an aggregate bid for the entire project.

The 499TH Avenue Superstructure Replacement Project crosses Cache Creek and from Ewing, NE travel 5.3 miles South on 508 Avenue, travel 9.0 miles West on 852 Road, travel 0.3 miles South on 499TH Avenue to the jobsite. Bridge No. C004507505

Plans and specifications, together with the General Conditions and Instructions to Bidders may be seen, examined, and secured at the office of the County Highway Superintendent, Mr. Gary Connot, 1806 108 Road, O'Neill, NE 68763. Phone: 402-366-3888.

All proposals for said work must be made on blanks furnished by the County Highway Superintendent and must be accompanied by bid security of not less than 5% of the amount bid. Bid security to be made payable to the County Clerk of Holt County, Nebraska, and will be held by Holt County as liquidated damages in case the bid is accepted and the bidder neglects or refuses to enter into contract and furnish bond in accordance herewith.

The Holt County Supervisors reserve the right to waive informalities and irregularities and to make awards on bids that furnish the material and construction that will, in their opinion, serve the best interests of Holt County, Nebraska. The Holt County Supervisors also reserve the right to reject any or all bids.

Cathy Pavel

Holt County Clerk

Published April 25, 2024          17-19



To Whom It May Concern:

BE ADVISED that the following described property will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder at the main floor lobby of the Holt County Courthouse, 204 North 4th Street, O'Neill, Nebraska, at 10:00 a.m. on the 5th day of June, 2024.

The Southwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter (SW1/4SW1/4) of Section 24, Township 31 North, Range 10, West of the 6th P.M., Holt County, Nebraska.

All subject to any and all: (1) real estate taxes, (2) special assessments, (3) easements, covenants, restrictions, ordinances and resolutions of record which affect the property, and (4) unpaid water bills, if any.

The Tri-County Bank, Trustee

Christopher P. Wickham, #24214

Sennett, Duncan, Jenkins & Wickham, P.C., L.L.O.

Attorneys for Trustee

425 South 7th Ave.

PO Box 326

Broken Bow, NE 68822-0326

(308) 872-6868

Published April 25, 2024          17-21




NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Cardinal8, LLC (“The Company”) has been organized under the laws of the State of Nebraska. The Designated Office Address of the Company is 504 North 9th Street, O'Neill, Nebraska, 68763. The Registered Agent of the Company is Jill Everitt, 504 North 9th Street, O'Neill, Nebraska, 68763. 

Published May 2, 2024               18-20


Meetings of Holt

County Board of

Supervisors and Holt

County Board of 


Notice is hereby given that meetings of the Holt County Board of Supervisors and Holt County Board of Equalization will be held on May 16, 2024 in the County Board Meeting Room of the Holt County Courthouse in O'Neill, Nebraska. The County Board of Equalization meeting will begin at 9:30 a.m. The Supervisors meeting will begin at 9:45 a.m. Both meetings are open to the public. Agendas for such meetings are kept continuously current and are available for public inspection at the office of the County Clerk in the Holt County Courthouse, O'Neill, Nebraska.

-s- Cathy Pavel

Holt County Clerk

Published May 9, 2024                   19



Special Education Proportionate Share for Non-Public Schools

Special Hearing Notice

On Thursday, May 16, 2024, at 9:00 a.m., a meeting conducted by O'Neill Public School, will take place at the O'Neill Public Schools Administrative Office – 635 N 4th Street, O'Neill, NE 68763. The purpose of the meeting will be to provide an opportunity for parents and representatives of nonpublic schools to participate in the development of a plan for providing special education services to children with disabilities who attend nonpublic and home schools which are within the O'Neill Public School District for the 2024-2025 school year. If the district has carryover funds that were not expended in 2023-2024, the use of these funds will also be discussed. Parents of a home-schooled child or a child attending a nonpublic school who has been or may be identified with a disability and attends a nonpublic school within the boundaries of O'Neill Public School, are urged to attend. If you have further questions pertaining to this meeting, please contact DeAnna Clifton at

Published May 9, 2024                   19



The Chambers Public Schools Board of Education (Holt County School District No. 45-0137) will hold its regular meeting in Room 1 at Chambers Public School at 201 S. A Street, Chambers, NE 68725 on Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 8:00p.m. A copy of the agenda, kept continuously current, is available for public inspection in the office of the Superintendent.

Published May 9, 2024                   19


Notice in the county court of holt county, Nebraska

Estate of 

Constance J. 



Estate No. PR24-19

Notice is hereby given that, on May 1st, 2024, in the County Court of Holt County, Nebraska, the Registrar issued a written statement of Informal Probate of the Will of said Decedent and that Dallas D. Wickersham of 1812 N. Eastwood Ave, Norfolk, NE 68701 and Darin D. Wickersham of 87874 512th Ave, Verdigre, NE 68783 were informally appointed by the Registrar as Co-Personal Representative of the Estate.

Creditors of this Estate must file their claims with this Court on or before July 9, 2024, or be forever barred.

-ss- Laura Reynolds

Clerk of the County Court

Address of County Court

204 N. 4th St.

O'Neill, NE 68763

Boyd W. Strope (Bar I.D. #16057)

Strope Law PC, LLO

125 North 4th Street

P.O. Box 858

O'Neill, NE 68763

Tel: (402) 336-2277

Fax: (402) 336-2294


Published May 9, 2024             19-21



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