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Eagle Girls Lose 2

Jan 25, 2023 (0)

After a few close games and some solid wins, the O'Neill girls taste defeat this week again.

The first match was last Tuesday  when the Eagles hosted the Wagner Red Raiders. The Eagles started to struggle right from the beginning. By the time second quarter was over, the Eagles were already down by a significant 36 points. 

Heading into third quarter, the girls didn't fair much better. At this point, an Eagle victory was pretty much impossible. Quarter four saw a tie, cementing the Eagles in second place. 

Leading the Eagles this game was Olivia Young with 10 points, shooting two of five two-pointers for 40 percent, as well as five rebounds; Autumn Hilker six points, Lauryn Dusatko four points and four rebounds; Emma Smith three points and two rebounds; Ashley Sidak two points; Bergyn Classen one point and two rebounds; and Elly Sterns one point.

OHS          5        12       3        7       27

WHS       26       27     15      7       75

A few days later the Eagles hosted the Guardian Angels Central Catholic Bluejays. This game went better for the Eagles, but not by enough for it to really count.

The girls got off to a decent start, only falling behind by three easy to make-up for points. Quarter two things started to look dicey for the Eagles. They were now trailing by eight points going into half.

This wasn't impossible, but it wasn't going to be easy either. Quarter three, however, was when things really satrted going south. The Bluejays really overpowered the Eagles and took the set by 14 points. Only to add insult to injury, the Bluejays claimed the final quarter. This brought them to clean 4-0 quarter victory.

Sidak leads this time with eight points, shooting two of five three-pointers for 40 percent and one of three two-pointers for 33 percent, as well as two rebounds; Dusatko six points and one rebound; Young five points and four rebounds; Smith five points and three rebounds; Classen four points and one rebound; Hilker two points and three rebounds; Heiss three rebounds; and Rylee Selby and Stearns both one rebound each.

OHS         10        7       6       7       30

GACC      13      12     20    16       61


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