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Chamber To Hold 12 Days Of Christmas

Dec 15, 2021 Updated Feb 7, 2022

The O'Neill Chamber of Commerce has started it's 12 Days of Christmas promotion. Each business that signed up to participate in the promotion will be assigned a special day for them and are encouraged to have specials. While visiting these businesses you can sign up for a special drawing to be held and announced on the radio on Dec. 24.

Businesses participating are:

1. The O'Neill Shopper/ Boutique One29 and O'Neill Printing

2. McIntosh Jewelry

3. Kreative Trendz

4. Shamrock Nursery

5. Krotters Home and Auto

6. Sargent Insurance/Juffer Realestate

7. Holt County Grill

8. Wildflour Grocer

9. Westside Restaurant

10. Sunrise Flower and Gift

11. Home Health Medical Equipment

12. Joy Boutique

13. Blush Boutique and Tan

14. Wireless World/Verizon

This Friday, Dec. 17th is National Ugly Sweater Day and the O'Neill Chamber of Commerce will be celebrating.

Whether you are working or shopping in a chamber member business, take a picture of you in your beautiful ugly sweater and send it to or text it to 402-340-4874 with your name and phone number. The photos will be collected and gone through with the prizes being awarded next week. There are two divisions, "Homemade" and "Store Purchased."

The "You Got Elfed" promotion will start on Monday, Dec. 20. If your business would like to participate, please bring your $10 gifts to the chamber office. The elves will be out and about starting Monday, Dec. 20th. If you do not have a retail business, and would like to participate, purchase some $10 shamrock bucks and put your business name on the back! Everyone can be a part of this promotion!

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