Deb Fischer Announces

Candidacy For U.S. Senate

Deb Fischer

Deb Fischer, State Senator and Valentine resident, announced her candidacy for Democratic Senator Ben Nelson’s seat in the United State Senate. Fischer, a Republican and the only 3rd District candidate, will face off against fellow Republicans; Nebraska Attorney General John Bruning, Nebraska State Treasurer Don Stenberg and Schuyler businessman, Patrick Flynn.

Fischer took time to visit the Holt County Independent during  her statewide campaigning trip to discuss many current issues that will be presented to the candidates. 

What are your views on a balanced federal budget?

“We need changes in Washington on how money is spent. My main concern is federal overspending. Our state has a balanced budget; we need to balance our budget on the federal level. Nebraskans do not spend money we do not have. Government cannot be everything to everyone.”

What are your views on taxes?

“I would not support any tax increase. We need to cut spending, but it will not happen overnight. We can do it by looking at waste.”

Entitlements make up 80% of government spending. To balance the federal budget, wouldn’t we need to make changes to entitlements?

“We have to honor commitments we have made to our seniors and recognize a commitment was made to these seniors who made plans on these promises.”

What is your opinion on farm programs and ethanol credits?

“Being from Nebraska, I recognize the importance of ethanol to our state. There are 24 plants in Nebraska. Ethanol is important to us. We need to be realistic about support for ethanol incentives. If federal policy is cheap food, then we need to realize that agriculture producers need to make a living. I will fight for what agricultural producers need."

What is your position on abortion?

“I am pro-life. I am strongly pro-life, and my voting record shows that.”

What are your views on defense spending?

“I am strong on defense. You need to keep your options open and you need to look at everything. I am sure there is waste in defense spending, as there is waste in all government programs. We have made commitments to people in the Armed Forces. We need to honor those commitments. Can the United States continue to police the whole world? I don’t think so. We need to find out what is truly in our national interest and make decisions based on this.”

What accomplishment are you most proud of legislatively in the Nebraska unicameral?

“People usually associate me with highway funding, and I did sponsor a major highway funding bill this year. This bill entails no tax increases and targets an existing 1/4-cent sales tax to fund it. I believe in limited government. I think government has certain core responsibilities; one of those is public transportation and infrastructure. This bill will allow us to take care of our seven billion investments in roads and allow us to build new roads in this state. I think that it is important that we meet this obligation.”

State Senator Deb Fischer and other Republican candidates will participate in a debate to be held next spring, Wednesday, April 11, 2012, at 7 p.m. at the Johnny Carson theatre in Norfolk. For more information on Deb Fischer, visit her website at