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Village of Inman Proceedings (6-23-2022)

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The Inman Village Board held their regular meeting at the Inman Community Center on May 31st, 2022 as published pursuant to Section 1-112 of the municipal code. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. Inman board meetings have been changed to the last Tuesday of the month and time change to 7 p.m. The board was informed of the location of the Open meeting poster. Members present: Ron Sterns, Jacque Murray, Julie Engelbart, Sherryl Sawyer, Deb Fisher, Sheila Carr Village Clerk. Others present: Lonnie and Vicki Doty.

May 2022 Receipts:

Sewer Fees: Sewer, Fees Collected $606.50

Hall Rental: General, Hall Rental $50.00

Holt Cty. Treasurer, General, Taxes $2,181.37

NPPD: General, Lease $1,268.89

Inman Township: General, Dumpsters $460.00

St. of Nebraska: General, Hwy. Allocation $1,992.82

General, Equalization $0

Totals: $6,559.58

May 2022 Transfers

General Account to Street Account $317.22

Account Balances as of

May 31st, 2022

General: $14,623.31

Reserve: $8,435.15

Sewer: $17,860.49

Street: $25,874.42

Total: $66,793.37

A motion was made by Fisher and seconded by Engelbart to approve deposits and balance reports. (Aye)

Bills Due:

NPPD: General, Utilities $343.13

Street, Utilities $352.42

Sewer, Utilities $156.25

J&J Sanitation: General, Dumpsters $1,649.34

B.H.Energy: General, Utilities $306.92

Holt County Independent: General, Advertising $79.92

Vicky Doty: General, Core/Milage $27.00

General, Reimburse/sign $25.08

Carhart Lumber: General, Main/repair $6.11

Bruce Bowman: General, Payroll $175.00

Julie Engelbart-Adams: General, Payroll $60.00

Jacque Murray: General, Payroll $60.00

Sherryl Sawyer: Sewer, Payroll $60.00

Ron Sterns: General, Payroll $60.00

Deb Fisher: Street, Payroll $60.00

Sheila Carr: General, Payroll $170.00

Street, Payroll $170.00

Lonnie Doty: General, Payroll $135.00

Street, Payroll $180.00

EFT: General, Withholding $144.00

Street, Withholding $85.10

Sewer, Withholding $19.52

A motion was made by Sawyer seconded by Fisher to approve all bill payments, all voted Aye.

New Business &

Continued Old Business:

1) Hall Rent for the alumni gathering ONLY will not be charged, however the normal deposit will be charged and returned upon inspection of the hall to make sure it's clean and left in order. A motion was made by Fisher and seconded by Murray to accept this change in rental charges.

2) Questions were asked about burning within the village limits. Open burning will be prohibited as in our ordinance for the safety and respect of all within the village limits. No ordinance changes will be made.

3) Tony Emme was contacted to remove the dirt pile behind the dumpsters to the tree dump and the concrete/culverts will also be hauled away to clean up the area.

4) Mosquito spraying will commence shortly within the village limits. Pods have been placed in the sand ditch and other water holes to keep mosquito's larva from hatching.

5) A load of packing dirt will be ordered as well as gravel for the main street.

6) The porta pot will be placed at the park for the months of June, July and August and to dump as needed.

7) Ron Sterns volunteered to get the window fixed and check out the ceiling tiles of the library as he gets time.

8) A new stop sign will be installed along with replacing the rotted post on 2nd Street.

Note: if any of you have issues with our village policies, a signature must be included on all letters or forms of correspondence for the board to recognize the issues/concerns. Thank you!

Motion by Engelbart seconded by Murray to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned 7:19 p.m.

Sheila Carr/Village Clerk

Next meeting Tuesday, June 28th, 2022 - 7:00 p.m.

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Village of Inman Proceedings (6-23-2022)

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