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Petition Started For Atkinson Mayor Erickson To Be Removed From Office

Jun 5, 2024 (0)

Atkinson Mayor Joshua Erickson's position has been called into question by Curie R. Mincer, who has started a petition to recall Erickson from office. 

Mrs. Mincer claims that "He is incompetent to hold office, lacks integrity and inability to follow proper parliamentary procedures."

Erickson submitted his own defense, stating that "The allegations in this Petition are unnecessary, unfortunate, and untrue. After this process is over, I look forward to continuing to work with our City Council to better our community, as I have done since my election in 2022. I am grateful to the citizens of Atkinson for their support."

Mincer started officially gathering signatures for the petition on May 24 and has until June 24 to meet the requirement of 174 signatures for the petition to be considered. The signatures will be verified and if there is an insufficient amount, then the petition will fall through.

If there is 174 or more signatures, then the Atkinson City Council and Mayor Erickson will be notified. At this point, Erickson has the choice to either resign right then or continue the process. Should he wish to continue, there will be a special election held at a later date.

The special election is a simple majority rules type election, where if most participants rule in favor of Erickson being dropped, then his position will be terminated immediately and they will elect a new Mayor to fill his spot.

Joshua Erickson was elected to Mayor of Atkinson in 2022, with his term previously intended to end in December 2026. The recall process could fall through, however, and Erickson could remain in position up until the original date.


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