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O'Neill Veteran Speaker At American Legion Convention

Aug 16, 2023 (0)

An O'Neill native will be an honored guest and speaker at the 104th Annual American Legion National Convention. The convention will be held August 25 -31 in Charlotte NC. 

Keith McKim, a 1959 graduate of St. Mary's High School, and the son of the late Lyle and Sandy McKim of O'Neill.

Keith McKim enlisted in the Navyy in 1959 and later joined the Army and became a Green Beret and served in Vietnam with the Studies and Operation Group (SOG) from 1959-1970. He has received a Silver Star for Valor, Bronze Star and Purple Heart for his services. 

McKim is a professional motivational, inspirational and political speaker, he is a published author, an actor in church and community theater, an amateur singer and poet and an active Republican Party member. 

He currently has two CD's for sale, entitled " Vietnam Green Berets S.O.G. Medal of Honor Recipients" and "US Navy SOG Seals".

McKim was wounded in Vietnam  when he received wounds to his left  eye, resulting in the loss of it. He was wounded while on a combat operation when a hostile force was encountered. His wounds were caused by fragments from an exploding device.

McKim went into the service shortly after high school, entering into the Navy for four years and then the Army, moving on to become a Green Beret serving from 1959 through 1970. 

McKim was in Vietnam for the last five years of his service. His service led him to serve covertly in areas of south-east Asia.

Keith's sister is Willma Tasler of Atkinson


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