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O'Neill Armory To Be Sold

Sep 14, 2022 (0)

Maj. Gen. Daryl L. Bohac flew to O'Neill on Wednesday, Sept. 7 to visit with local leaders about the O'Neill National Guard Armory which has been determined to be let go from state property and will be sold.s

The Nebraska National Guard has announced the decommissioning of the O'Neill National Guard Armory and will let out the property for sale.

Maj. Gen. Daryl L. Bohac flew to O'Neill on Wednesday, Sept. 13, with a couple of Nebraska National Guard employees informing local leaders that the O'Neill National Guard Armory will no longer be used and the state will be looking at parting with the facility.

Bill Tielke, Holt County Supervisor Board Chair; Cathy Pavel, Holt County Clerk Board Chair; Ben Matchett, Holt County Sheriff; Chief Holt County Deputy Ed North; O'Neill Police Chief Matte Otte and O'Neill Mayor Scott Menish, as well as Lauri Havranek O'Neill Chamber of Commerce and Shelby Regan Holt County Economic Development Director, were present to listen to the general. 

Bohac announced to the group that due to reorganizing the Nebraska National Guard, armories all over the state were being decommissioned to fit the new goals of the guard both structurally and financially.

The guard has already let a few structures go, including Fremont and Nebraska City, to name a few. Primarily local entities or governments have bought the armories for community centers and some by private buyers to use as they see fit. 

The state has already approved the O'Neill facility for sale. According to Bohac, Holt County will have the first chance at the building, followed by the city, other public entities and then a public sale.

"The next step is the state building division will appraise the facility and land based on local property taxes, and then a buyer will be selected or sent the process of a public sale will take place," said Bohac.

"The armory in Nebraska City is about the same size but is not as good as shape, and it is appraised around $80 to $90 thousand."

"I would like to see this facility benefit all the communities in Holt County if the county would end up taking it," said Tielke.

Members of the law enforcement community suggested the facility could be converted into a law enforcement center for the Holt County Sheriff's Department and the O'Neill Police Department.

"The process will begin and we should know where we're at in a couple of months as to the value and how we will proceed, said Bohac.

Maj. Gen. Daryl L. Bohac serves as The Adjutant General, Nebraska National Guard, Lincoln, Nebraska. As the Adjutant General, he is the senior uniformed National Guard officer responsible for formulating, developing and coordinating policies, programs and plans affecting more than 4500 Army and Air National Guard personnel. Appointed by the Governor, General Bohac serves as a principal on the Governor's Staff and is the Director of the Nebraska Military Department and the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency. He serves as the state's official channel of communication with the National Guard Bureau to the Departments of the Army and Air Force.

General Bohac was commissioned in 1988 at the Air National Guard Academy of Military Science, McGhee-Tyson Air National Guard Base, Tennessee. Prior to receiving his commission, General Bohac served as an enlisted member of the United States Marine Corps Reserve and the Nebraska Air National Guard.


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