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Naval Academy Graduates Bike Across Country To Help Veterans Organizations

Sep 20, 2023 (0)

Annapolis class of 1983- stopped in O'Neill for the night on their trip from Washington state to Annapolis Maryland.
Twenty-two pushups - are done every morning before their ride in remembrance of the 22 veterans who commit suicide every day in America.

The US Naval Academy Class of 1983 has been enroute from Whidbey Island, WA leaving on August. 23 and planning to arrive at the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland on Oct. 5  to celebrate their 40th Reunion with their classmates.

The group is supporting worthy veterans that need their help.  Their ten year goal is to raise $1.983 million to support organizations that serve these veterans. We've all been very fortunate in our lives since graduating from USNA in 1983 and - in addition to the privilege of leadership we've experienced for the past 40 years - we feel an offsetting weight of responsibility to those who have paid a great personal price to serve their country.  The mission of the group has three key elements that align with the Naval Academy's goals around developing midshipmen morally, mentally and physically:

Enhancing the class of ‘83 camaraderie. Class spirit is a big part of attending any service academy and we believe it is no surprise that robust relationships are proving to be an important part of mental health as we age. We're hoping that this group continues to grow in breadth and depth of relationships at least through our 50th reunion in 2033 - when we will do this all again!

Having a helluva lot of fun together while keeping physically fit. Many people think we might be slightly wonky from too many days at sea, but we couldn't disagree more. We hope you'll see how much fun we are having together and that you may even be inspired to try something that pushes your personal limits - physically or otherwise - for a good reason. Even if your reason is just to have fun!

The group is encountering an incredible number of amazing people and amazing stories on our ride from sea to shining Sea. We are grateful to you for your interest in our group and our mission, and are profoundly appreciative of your kind words and support. We hope this effort brings joy and hope for the future of the United States of America to all we encounter along the route, and thank you for anything you can do to honor this great nation that we've served together.

The group did encounter some troubles in Holt County when on Friday a bicycle accident occurred near Stuart when two of the riders bumped tires and one rider was injured and had to be taken by ambulance to West Holt. The rider was later transferred to Faith Regional for problems with his arm.

The groups goal leaving on Saturday was to make it to Wisner. The group usually rides with 16 riders and a rental truck and a couple of personal vehicles for support on their day to day ride. 


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