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Lady Renegades 11-11 On Regular Season

Feb 16, 2022 Updated Feb 17, 2022 (0)

The CWC Lady Renegades finished out their regular season last week with a loss to EPPJ on Tuesday, Feb. 8, 71-49 and then winning over Neligh/Oakdale 35-22 on Friday, Feb. 11.

In the match with the Wolfpack, the Renegades fell short in scoring, trailing at the half a big 47-22.

Scoring slowed down for the Wolfpack in the second half as the Renegades scored 27 points to EPPJ's 24. However it wasn't enough to fill the scoring deficit left in the first half.

Lizzie Gartner led the Renegades with 13 points; Hailey Genereux 12 points; Elli Metschke 10 points; Cheyenne Pokorny eight points; Makenna Pelster four points; and annabel /waldo two points.

CWC  9 13 11 16 49

EPPJ  20 27 12 12 71

On Friday, Feb. 11 the Renegades stomped out the Neligh/Oakdale warriors 35-22 to end their regular season.

The scoring was low with the Renegades putting up 17 in the first half. The Renegades held the Warriors to six in the first quarter and a goose egg in the second for a 17-6 lead at the half.

The Renegades kept the pressure on in the second half for the 13 point win.

Genereux again led the Renegades with 13 points, five rebounds and four steals; Pelster 12 points, 11 rebounds and two steals; Pokorny four points, six rebounds and two steals; Gartner three points, five rebounds and four steals; and Metschke three points, four rebounds and one steal.

CWC  10 7 10 8 35

N-O  6 0 5 11 22

On Monday, Feb. 14 the Renegades played their first post-season game, winning over Santee 54-30.

Pelster led the Renegades with 16 points, Pokorny eight points, gartner five points and Ella Moses three points.

CWC  16 20 10 8 54

SHS  5 8 3 14 30


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