SMH Cardinals End 2023-2024 Ball Season

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Lady Cards Take Wins In Weeks Play

Jan 26, 2022 Updated Feb 8, 2022 (0)

This past week, the St. Mary's Lady Cardinals racked up two more wins, winning over Santee on Tuesday and Winside on Thursday.

The Santee girls played tough the first quarter against the Cards keeping it within five. The Cards led at the half 31-12. As the Cards pressed on into the second quarter, the Lady Warriors fell apart and could not put any more points on the board before the half.

Leading the Cards were Lorissa Reiman with 16 points, ten rebounds and one steal; Hope Williamson 12 points, seven rebounds and six steals; Alissa Brabec 11 points, five rebounds and six steals; Charley Mlnarik 10 points, six rebounds and three steals; Mya Hedstrom eight points, four rebounds and five steals; and Annabelle Barlow two points and one steal.

SMH  17 14 14 14 59

SHS  12 0 11 7 30

 On Thursday, Jan 20 the Cards hosted the Winside Wildcats winning easily 53-22.

  The Cards held the Wildcats to a minimal offense of single digits, scoring ten by the half to the Cards 40.

 In the second half, the game went to the bench with everyone seeing the floor.

 Leading the Cards were Hedstrom with 17 points, five rebounds and six steals; Brabec 15 points, four rebounds and three steals; Reiman 12 points, eight rebounds and two steals; and Williamson nine points, five rebounds and one steal.

SMH  20 20 13 0 53

WHS  4 6 6 6 22


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