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Hynes Street Project To Ramp Up Over The Next Month

Jun 15, 2022 (0)

Hynes Street project got underway early in May with the roadway coming off of Hwy. 281 to Archer St.

A couple of street projects in O'Neill are giving a much needed improvement to the infrastructure of the streets in O'Neill.

The Hwy. 281 south project is in its final phases as sidewalk pours on the west side of fourth street. Reinstallation of light poles and the south stop light should begin again on Tuesday. The road crews have been busy shifting between other projects.

The second project, which is a City of O'Neill street project, is taking place on Hynes St.

Many of the water lines were replaced earlier this spring and are ready for the road work to begin.

"The paving from 281 to Archer street on Hynes should begin soon," said O'Neill Street Superintendent Greg Walters.

The crews doing the paving have been working on a runway related project at the O'Neill airport. 

While paving is going on from 281 to Archer street, the crews on Hynes will be taking up the pavement from third to seventh street. The construction will have crossing intersections at fourth, fifth and seventh. Where the machines are paving will determine which intersection will be open for traffic.

The third to seventh street part of the project will be done before the O'Neill High School goes back into session in August.

The Hynes St. project will then move on to paving from seventh to ninth street.

Sidewalks will be added on the north side of Hynes from tenth to 281 with a wider six foot sidewalk being added on the south side of the street in front of the O'Neill High School football field.

The last part of the project will incorporate new paving and widening of the street from Douglas to Benton on fifth street. Fifth Street will be widened starting at the alley behind Torpin's Rodeo Market.

The Hynes Street Project including the Fifth St. project will cost $1.7 million which was approved earlier by the O'Neill City Council.


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