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Grandparents Find Themselves Raising Teenage Grandchildren

Aug 24, 2022 (0)

Jim and Alberta Storjohann

Friends of Jim and Alberta Storjohann have opened a checking account in their name, at First Interstate Bank, (formerly Great Western Bank). 

Residing in O'Neill for 46 years, the Storjohann's have recently endured one of the most painful losses a couple can experience. Their daughter Jennifer, a single mother and 41 years young, died unexpectedly earlier this year of a brain aneurysm.

Jennifer was blessed with five children Breanna, Tanner, Hunter, Harley and Bailey. While Breanna and Tanner are young adults and in the working world, Hunter is 17 years old and his twin sisters Harley and Bailey are 14. Alberta and Jim have taken in the three youngest grandchildren. Hunter is a senior at O'Neill High School and the younger girls will be freshmen.  

Jim and Alberta rearranged their modest ranch style home to accommodate their grandchildren and find themselves back in the swing of raising teenagers. It's one thing to deal with the grief of losing your daughter, it's another to take on the responsibility, emotionally and financially, for three high school aged grandchildren.  

“If Jennifer can't be here for them, Jim and I wouldn't have it any other way,” Alberta said. “We take things one day at a time and do a lot of praying. They are good kids who are working hard to find their way through losing their mother.”

Alberta worked at the nursing home in O'Neill for 25 years and most recently has been at Home Health Medical Equipment for the past 14 years.  Jim retired from the county after 17 years and has since been working part-time at Cargill.

Jim and Alberta have always been involved in their grandchildren's lives, treasuring their relationship.  

“We strive to set a good example for them, whether it be for work ethic or kindness or whatever it is in life. We can't dwell on the fact that life isn't fair. These kids have been through a terrible ordeal. We aren't perfect grandparents, yet God has trusted us to take care of them.”  

It's been said “We're all just walking each other home.” Taking that to heart and as unexpected expenses begin to mount, friends of the couple wanted to offer an opportunity to more people who might like to help. Donations should be made out to either Jim or Alberta Storjohann for direct deposit into their account. They will retain decision making and ownership of funds deposited, on behalf of their grandchildren. First Interstate Bank is located at 330 East Douglas St, O'Neill, NE 68763.


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