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Get To Know The Pilots From This Year's Fly-In And Airshow

Jul 3, 2024 (0)

The Vangaurd Squadron will be in O'Neill July 19-20 along with many other talented pilots.

This year's Summerfest Fly-In and Airshow is drawing near, landing in on July 19 and 20. There will be a lot of pilots there to show off their aircraft and their skills.

Among them is Tom Larkin, who has been flying since his college years. Soon after, he went on to join  the Air Force, where he would fly the T-38 and F-15C. After his time serving, he would fly the SubSonex Jet, which he continues to pilot to this day. The most impressive thing about Larkin - he used to be afraid of flying! He quickly learned to conquer this fear, though, and has been performing in Air Shows for years now.

Richard Dawe, Navy captain of 24 years, will also make his appearance at the show. He has over 800 carrier landings during his time serving.  In addition to his impressive piloting skills, Dawe is also president of both Ozarka College and the John E. Miller Field Airport Commission.

Doug Roth has been in the aviation industry for almost 50 years now. He has always been a talented pilot, as well as a skilled aircraft technician. Roth evaluates, purchases, and even sells aircraft. In his free time, Roth enjoys air shows, competitions and teaching others about the aircraft he is so passionate about.

Danny Sorensen is famous for his self-built bi-plane that took him 14 years to build. In his early years, Sorensen modified a plane to have wheels on the bottom and top of the craft. He continued to learn the ins and outs of flying and what make aircraft fly. In 2018 Sorensen walked away unharmed during a crash in his self-built plane, a testament to his skills as both an engineer and a pilot.

Erik Edgren had an interest in aerobatics from a very young age. He was only 8 years old when he would fly solo! He has worked many times as a pilot and an instructor, guiding others to learn the incredible world of flight. Edgren has nearly 6,000 hours in over 180 model of aircraft, showing his skill of adaptability.

The Vanguard Squadron, a four man formation, have been flying together since 1993. They love traveling to shows and sharing their passion for flight, as well as raising awareness for ethanol powered flight. The Vanguard Squadron is a fan-favorite during any air show they attend.


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