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Eagles Beat Bulldogs x2

Jan 19, 2022 Updated Feb 6, 2022

Keaton Wattier from O'Neill blocks a shot from Cash Reynolds from Ainsworth

The O'Neill Eagles played two sets of Bulldogs last week, coming away with two wins. In the first game the Eagles edged past Ainsworth at home on Jan. 13, 50-49.

The Eagles started out slow in the first quarter and trailed at the half 28-20. The Eagles then got their offense going in the second half and brought up the slack in the fourth out scoring Ainsworth 15-8 for the win.

Drew Morrow led the Eagles with 16 points, shooting 5-10 in two-pointers for 50 percent. Morrow had three rebounds. Keaton Wattier 12 points and 12 rebounds; Landon Classen 10 points, six rebounds and four steals; Brady Sidak nine points, seven rebounds and three steals; and Sean Coventry three points.

OHS  9 11 15 15 50

AHS  18 10 13 8 49

On Saturday, the Eagles traveled east to Creighton to take on the other Bulldogs and had a much easier time securing the win in a 38 point victory, 81-43.

The Eagles scored 20+ points in the first three quarters, sealing the win. The bench then took over in the foruth to close out the game adding another 10 points and hold the Bulldogs to 7.

Classen had 21 points in the game shooting 40 percent in three-pointers. 60 percent in two-pointers and 75 percent in free throws. Classen had seven rebounds; Sidak 19 points and five rebounds; Morrow 11 points, three rebounds and two steals; Wattier nine points, six rebounds and four steals; Ryder Pokorny eight points and one rebound; Kyler Dean six points, two rebounds and three steals; Coventry four points; and Brady Eichleberger three points, one rebound and one steal.

OHS  27 22 22 10 81

CHS  8 15 13 7 43

0 0 0 0 0




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