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City Council Meets In Regular Session

Nov 8, 2023 (0)

The O'Neill City Council met in regular session on Monday, Nov. 6 with all members of the council present for the meeting.

The council opened the bids for  renovation of the police station which was sent out for bids. After opening the bids, Police Chief Matt Otte and Ron Jensen deliberated the bids coming back at the end of the meeting  making suggestions for Sobotka Construction to get the contractor bid for the renovation.

The council then discussed what to do with two properties owned by the city. The Wellhouse property at Kipples trailer court and the old Water tower lot were the topic. The Wellhouse property at the trailer court is a wellhouse that the city no longer uses and the well has been abandoned by the city for years said Water Superintendent Jason Baker. "These two property's are no longer serving the community and cost the city to maintain so I would suggest the city get rid of them," said Baker.

The council discussed the matter and decided to get the appraisals on the properties and decide what to do and how much to ask for them.

The council approved two LB840 projects. One was $10,000 for the demolition of a house and $10,000 to help with grading and paving a new parking lot.

The council then talked about the increase in the Boyd-Holt 911 Bill which has taken a $20,695 jump in the last year. The 2022 asking was $158,355 and this year E-911 is asking $179,050 from the city alone. Due to the tremendous leap in cost the council did not understand the reason for the cost increases and city clerk Sarah Sidak said she had asked the E-911 Board for their fiscal information so the city council can evaluate the reasons for the increases.

The meeting ended with the approval of the minutes.


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