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Cards Face Tougher Competition With Renegades

Dec 31, 1969 Updated Apr 5, 2023 (0)

CWC's Jackson Waldo gets a catch for a touchdown in action against St. Mary's last week.

Photo courtesy Monique Gamage


The Cardinals are now at 5-0 and setting first in their district after a challenging game against the CWC Renegades last Friday, winning 24-14 at Chambers. The Cardinals struck first with a 15-yard touchdown pass from Aidan Hedstrom to Dalton Alder and Gabe Pribil ran in the two-point conversion. The Renegades, who always play the Cardinals tough, answered back with a 50-yard touchdown run by Jackson Waldo. Cole Duba hit Waldo on a 29-yard touchdown pass and then Duba ran in the two-point conversion to lead the Cardinals at the end of the first quarter 14-8. The Cards and Renegades battled in the second, keeping each other out of the end zone, and the Renegades led 14-8 at the half. In the third, Hedstrom hit Isaac Everitt for a seven-yard touchdown, and Hedstrom ran in the conversion to tie the game. The Cardinals offense got the ball deep in Renegade territory in the fourth quarter and Hedstrom ran in a three-yard touchdown with Tate Thompson getting the conversion to seal the win for the Cards. The Renegades ran 35 plays for seven first downs and had six penalties for 48 yards. The Cardinals ran 61 plays for 23 first downs and had four penalties for 20 yards. Waldo led the Renegades in rushing with five carries for 65 yards and one touchdown, Dudba 19 carries for 54 yards. Waldo led the receivers with three catches for 55 yards and one touchdown, Hunter Hoerle one catch for eight yards and Cooper Pokorny two receptions for three yards. Hedstrom led the Cardinals with 15carries for 96 yards and two touchdowns, Thompson 19 carries for 103 yards and Gabe Pribil 16 carries for 92 yards. Issac Everitt led the Cardinals receivers with four catches for 49 yards, Thompson three catches for 23 yards and Alder one catch for a 15-yard touchdown. Pokorny led the Renegade defense with 17 tackles, Duba 14 tackles, Hunter Hoerle 12 tackles, Jayden Sheldon and Waldo 10 tackles each, Peter Jesse and Blake Wolinski seven tackles each, Brady Renner five tackles, Solan Bowen and Ty Growcock four tackles each, and Gunner Hoerle three tackles. Adam Everitt led the Cardinal defense with 11 tackles, Charles Barlow eight tackles, Wyatt Scofield six tackles, Isaac Everitt and Thompson five tackles each, Hedstrom three tackles, Gabe Pribil and Lawrence Werth two tackles each.


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