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Broncos Win Third Straight Game

Oct 12, 2022 (0)

The Stuart Broncos won their third straight game last Friday as they beat the Santee Warriors 66-12. The Broncos jumped out to a 52-0 lead at the half. With the win, the Broncos move to 3-0 in the district and control their path to a district championship. 

Leading the way for the Broncos was freshman, Drew Schmaderer. Schmaderer had 10 carries for 109 yards and 3 touchdowns on the ground. Schmaderer had 2 catches for 9 yards and 1 touchdown. Simon Addison had 4 carries for 72 yards and 1 catch for 16 yards and 1 touchdown. Will Paxton had 3 carries for 92 yards. Paxton had a 65-yard touchdown run and a 25 yard touchdown reception. Haden Kaup had 1 catch for a touchdown to add to his total touchdown receptions for the season of 10. Kayde Ramm only threw the ball 4 times but completed 3 of those for touchdowns. The Broncos offense ran 30 plays for a total of 378 yards. 

Defensively, the Broncos were led by Haden Kaup. Kaup finished with 14 tackles and 1 sack. Simon Addison and Drew Schmaderer had 7 tackles. Schmaderer had a fumble recovery for a touchdown and an interception. Hunter Tubbs also snagged an interception and a fumble recovery. On the opening kickoff, Beau Duhacheck had a fumble recovery that sparked the Broncos. 

The Broncos will travel to Elba on Thursday for another district contest. Kickoff is set for 5 p.m. 


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