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Avera Wraps Up Renovation

May 24, 2023 Updated May 31, 2023 (0)

Avera Ribbon Cutting - was held on Thursday, May 18th in celebration of phase one of its add-ons and renovations being completed. The second phase of the expansion will begin towards the end of May.
A picture of the new trauma room recently added.

O'Neill, Neb. (May 19, 2023) – Avera St. Anthony's Hospital is pleased to announce the completion of phase one of an expansion and renovation of its Emergency and Radiology departments. A public open house, blessing, and ribbon-cutting ceremony were held on Thursday, May 18. The total project adds approximately 6,000 square feet to the facility, and another 1,800 square feet are being remodeled. The celebration marking the completion of the first phase allowed the community to view the Emergency and Radiology departments before opening for patient use. The second phase, which will remodel the old Emergency Department rooms and the old Radiology Department area, will begin at the end of May. Initially built in 1976, the old Emergency Department pales compared to the new Emergency Department, where there is more space to see patients. It includes an exam room to provide privacy and safety to patients who may be going through a mental health crisis or the aftermath of a sexual assault, an ambulance garage to allow more protection and privacy as patients are transferred from the ambulance to the hospital, a decontamination room for incidents involving dangerous chemicals and enhanced security features. The Radiology Department renovation includes the addition of an MRI suite, new CT imaging equipment, and an upgraded nuclear medication machine and room. This updated space and technology ensure we can provide our community with the most up-to-date services. The project was announced in March of 2021, but rising construction costs and supply shortages during the last few years delayed progress. “Due to a variety of challenges through the COVID-19 pandemic, this project took longer to complete than we originally anticipated – which makes us much more eager to celebrate this milestone,” said Kayleen Lee, President and CEO of Avera St. Anthony's Hospital. “We are excited about what these changes will do for our patients, employees, emergency response partners and visitors.” “We're especially proud of the new ambulance garage that will provide better protection from the elements to EMS crews and patients while also giving them more privacy,” added Deb Kelly, the Chairperson of the Avera St. Anthony's Hospital board. “We tried very hard to incorporate their feedback into the project design to accommodate changes in ambulances, cots and other equipment.”


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