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SMH Cardinals Destroy Last Week's Competitors

Jan 31, 2024 (0)

ST. MARY'S BEN BARLOW (1) goes for the net while Stuart's Hunter Tubbs (10) watches on. The Cardinals won the incredibly close match 50-49.

Last week was another booming success for the St. Mary's Cardinals, taking down all three opponents they squared off with.

First up was Bloomfield on Monday, Jan. 22, who decimated the Cardinals 18-11 in the first quarter, but that wouldn't discourage them. In the next, the Cards put up eight points and held the Bees to a measly four.

The next was a high-scoring quarter, with the Cards putting up 21 while the Bees managed just 15, and with that, lost their advantage from the beginning. The Cardinals scored an additional ten to end off the match in a close 50-45 comeback from the start.

Gage Hedstrom scored high with 23 points, shooting two of seven three-pointers for 29 percent and five of 14 two-pointers for 36 percent. Hedstrom also had 10 rebounds and one steal; Ben Barlow had 12 points, five rebounds and two steals; Logan Brabec also had 12 points and two rebounds; Carson Dannenbring two points and five rebounds; Eli Banks one point and three rebounds; and Risken Dawson four rebounds. 

SMHS     11      8      21      10       50   

BHS        18      4     15       8       45

One day after Bloomfield, the Cardinals hosted Creighton and dominated by a score of 83-43.

The game opened with the Cardinals taking an early five-point lead from a 12-7 win. Quarter two widened the gap between the teams by 11 points, giving Creighton a low chance of coming back.

The next was a high 28-point quarter from the Cardinals, while Creighton only managed 13. The final was similar, leaving the Cards the easy victor of this match-up.

Logan Brabec took charge with 19 points, shooting five of nine three-pointers for 56 percent and two of eight two-pointers for 25 percent. Brabec also had 10 rebounds and four steals; Hedstrom came close with 17 points, five rebounds and four steals; B. Barlow also had 17 points, five rebounds and one steal; Dannenbring 11 points, five rebounds and one steal; James Eby 10 points; Max Berg three points and two rebounds; Sam Barlow two points and three rebounds; Banks two points and two rebounds; Xzavier Parks two points and one rebound; Dawson three rebounds; and Drake Berg one rebound.

SMHS     12     21     28     22       83

CHS         7      10     13     13       43

Two days passed, and on Thursday, Jan. 25, St. Mary's hosted Stuart in a highly competitive match where the victor took it by just one point.

Stuart came out the gates determined and took the first quarter, 17-13. The Cardinals still had a fair shot at the win, but quarter two looked to put an end to that idea. It was a nine-point difference, 19-10, to put the Broncos in the lead by 13 points overall.

The Broncos got cold feet at the half because quarter three was a massive blunder on their part. They took a heavy-hitting 0-point loss to the Cardinal's 17-point advantage. Stuart tried to (and almost did) take back the game with a 13-10 final, but the third quarter had done its damage. Stuart, despite everything, took a narrow loss to the Cardinal's win, 50-49.

Gage Hedstrom scored an impressive 24 points, shooting five of nine three-pointers for 56 percent and four of seven two-pointers for 57 percent. Hedstrom also had eight rebounds and two steals; B. Barlow had half with 12 points, two rebounds and three steals; Brabec had six points, five rebounds and one steal; Dannenbring also six points and five rebounds; S. Barlow two points; Dawson two rebounds and two steals; and Banks one steal.

SMHS      13     10     17     10       50

SHS          17     19      0      13      49   


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