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How To Stay Safe During Rising Temperatures

Aug 23, 2023 (0)

This week in O'Neill has been one of the hottest this year, with temperatures reaching triple digits. The heat can have some seriously negative effects on the body. Here are some general tips about the heat and how to help protect yourself from it.

Most people connect summer and warm weather with outside fun and travel, but most don't think about how potentially dangerous the heat can be. People can suffer from heat illness when their bodies can't properly cool themselves. 

Here are some general steps you can take to avoid heat related issues:

Drink plenty of fluids, especially water

Stay in a comfortable, well air conditioned area

Be aware of the temperature before planning an activity outdoors

Check on friends, family and neighbors

Never leave pets or children in cars

Regularly check for updates on the weather.

Wear appropriate clothing for the heat

Don't stay outside for a prolonged period of time

Go at your own pace. If you feel you need a break - take one

People can exhibit signs of having a negative reaction to the heat. Here are some useful warnings on what to do and how to spot them.

Those suffering from heat stroke often show high body temperatures, headaches, irritated skin, dizziness and loss of consciousness. 

Some things you can do to help them would be to call 911 as soon as possible, help them to cool off, move them to a cooler environment and do not give them anything to drink.

Some people are more susceptible to heat related problems. Older adults as well as young children are particularly vulnerable to these temperatures. People with chronic medical conditions may also need to pay special attention to this rising heat. 

Pets are also at high risk of problems from the warmer weather. Some things a pet owner can to help them stay safe would be:

Do not leave your pet outside for long periods of time

Check up on them regularly, especially if they're outside

Never leave them out in a locked car, even a window open is not enough

Make sure they have plenty of water

While the summer heat can be a danger if not taken seriously, it is also a great time for fun outdoor activities and games. Do not be scared to go outside because of the heat, but do be cautious of it's potentially harmful effects. Enjoy the rest of summer and stay safe both outdoors and indoors.


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