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Village of Inman Proceedings (1-20-2022)

Jan 20, 2022 Updated Feb 7, 2022

The Inman Village Board held their regular meeting at the Inman Community Center on December 28th, 2021 as published pursuant to Section 1-112 of the municipal code. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. Inman board meetings have been changed to the last Tuesday of the month and time change to 7 p.m. The board was informed of the location of the Open Meeting poster. Members present: Ron Sterns, Deb Fisher, Jacque Murray, Lisa Everett, Sheila Carr Village Clerk. Absent was Sherryl Sawyer. Others present were Julie Engelbart, Lonnie and Vicky Doty.

December 2021 Receipts:

Sewer Fees: Sewer, Fees Collected$983.00

Hall Rental: General, Hall Rental$60.00

Holt Cty Treasurer: General, Taxes$136.34

NPPD: General, Leasae$1,096.00

Inman Township: General, Dumpsters$460.00

St. of Nebraska: General, Hwy. Allocation$2,029.01

St. of Nebraska: General, Equalization$0


December 2021 Transfers:

General Acount to Street Account$507.25

Account Balances as of

December 31st, 2021






A motion was made by Fisher and 2nd by Murray to approve deposits and balance reports.

Bills Due:

NPPD: General, Utilities$391.69

Street, Utilities$338.81

Sewer, Utilities$155.68

J&J Sanitation: General, Dumpsters$968.30

Vicky Doty: Sewer, Misc.$147.08

K&M Telephone: General, Utilities$40.11

O™Neill Electric: Sewer, Main/Reprs$620.00

BHEnergy: General, Utilities$324.96

Gary Connot: Street, Engineering$350.00

Jennifer Koenig: Street, Misc.$100.00

Holt Cty Independent: General, Advertising$110.75

Pinnacle Bank: General, Misc./box rent$20.00

Ogden Hardware: General, Main/Reprs$673.31

Connot Tire: General, Main/Reprs$333.00

Carhart Lumber: General, Street: Main/Reprs$40.37

Bruce Bowman: General, Payroll$120.00

Lisa Everett: General, Payroll$60.00

Jacque Murray: General, Payroll$60.00

Sherryl Sawyer: Sewer, Payroll$60.00

Ron Sterns: General, Payroll$60.00

Deb Fisher: Street, Payroll$60.00

Sheila Carr: General, Payroll$125.00

Street, Payroll$125.00

EFT: General, Withholding$65.02

Street, Withholding$28.32

Sewer, Withholding$9.18

A motion was made by Murray and seconded by Fisher to approve all bill payments, all voted Aye.

New Business and

Continued Old Business:

1) Applications for board position were reviewed: Julie Engelbart-Adams will be our new Park Supervisor. Julie took the oath of office and will replace Lisa Everett for the remainder of her term.

Community Center rentals can be made through Julie Engelbart at 402-340-2947.

2) The new lift pump was received but will not be installed until needed.

3) The new generator is still in need of being installed, Ron will be contacting Shad™s Electric to get a conformation date to finish up with our FEMA project obligations.

4) Reminder: There are various core grants available to the village/tenants to refurbish etc. in the amounts of up to $25,000 at a 3% interest rate. Contact Deb Fisher or Vicky Doty for more information.

5) The remaining dirt pile will be used to fill in holes in alleys and roadways in and around the village as time and weather permit. We are checking with the county to see if they have any use for the concrete culverts.

Note:if any of you have issues with our village policies, a signature must be included on all letters or forms of correspondence for the board to recognize the issues/concerns. Thank you!

Motion by Everett seconded by Fisher to adjourn.

Meeting adjourned at 7:42.

Sheila Carr,

Village Clerk

Next meeting Tuesday, January 25th, 7:00 p.m.

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